Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Team Beachbody Coach does for you

Just in case there was any confusion out there regarding what a Team Beachbody coach actually does, I thought I would take a minute to set the record straight.

Coaches (me included) are here to make sure you get the most out of your workout programs. We offer motivation, inspiration, and advice based on our own experiences with Beachbody workouts. And we do this all for free. Most important, we lead by example.

When you want to talk about your progress, your goals, or when you have a question about what product would suit you best, you can always come to us for help. Pretty cool, right? Have a question or concern...? Ask a Team Beachbody coach.

But apart from just being there whenever you might want to chat about working out, I thought you might like to know a few other things about the coaching network.

Who are we?
Beachbody coaches are also Beachbody customers. We come from all walks of life, too. There are coaches who are also doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, cops, firefighters, soldiers, stay-at-home-moms and everything in between (I’m a systems analyst....woohoo). What we have in common is that we all bought the workouts, we worked through the programs, and NOW we share our results with everybody.

Do we get paid for what we do?
Yes indeedy. When a coach recommends a product, he or she will also provide a link to their personal website with access to all Beachbody products and services. You can also sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody membership with tons of great tools to help you reach your goals. When you make a purchase from a coach, he or she receives a commission on the sale. It is important to remember that when you turn to a coach for motivation and advice, that coach is helping you free of charge. We do this because we love what we do, and sharing our experiences with people who need help is making a big difference for a lot of folks. We only get paid when you make a purchase. Believe me - it is great getting paid to do what you love to do.

Why buy from a coach?
There are lots of reasons. You will be partnered with a person who is there to help YOU. The coaching network is dedicated to making sure you reach your goals. We have all been there - we have all faced challenges - we have all needed support from others who are going through the same programs we are. Working with a coach gets you that much closer to where you want to be. What's more, buying from a coach ensures that you will get the fastest and least expensive shipping charges. Seriously - you can save a LOT of money on shipping by ordering from a coach. Plus, your coach will keep you updated on what's coming up with Beachbody, such as new releases and other Beachbody news.

Are Team Beachbody coaches part of Beachbody?
Yes we are. Team Beachbody and the Beachbody coaching network are a division of Beachbody. So when you order from a coach, you will be getting 100% authentic Beachbody programs straight from the Beachbody warehouses.

And there you have it friends. A coach can help YOU get results. Now...if you would like ME to be your free coach, click HERE and fill out the short form. When you have a question about a product - just fire away. And remember, the next time you see a Beachbody infomercial and want to order a product like P90X or Insanity, don't call the 800 number or go to the main Beachbody website!! Get a hold of me or a coach you know. We'll help you get going right!

Borrowed and modified from my good friend, and fellow coach, Keith Harris.

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