Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Case You're Dating John Daly...

Thought I would share a post by Carl Daikeler, owner of Team Beachbody.

In Case You're Dating John Daly...
A few people have let me know that John Daly criticized his girlfriend openly on Twitter for trying to help him eat healthy and exercise with P90X, and then he made a case that "P90X doesn't work."

First, this is not the guy I would look to for health and fitness advice.

Second, this is a great example of why the
Team Beachbody community and its coaches provide such a service to people.

I know of many, many stories where one person in a couple makes the decision to get healthy, and they are not supported by their other half. In fact, the other half can be so alarmed by the prospect of being left behind by the lifestyle change that they will do whatever they can to undermine the success of their partner.

As sad as that is, our job at Beachbody is to give people the tools they need to get results, and that includes the support and encouragement they might not get at home.

the message boards, to WOWY, to direct connections with coaches who are doing the same program as you, the support you need is right here. The decision to take responsibility for your own health and fitness is a powerful one. I mean it - it's a big deal when you decide to get active on a regular basis and pay attention to your nutrition. But it's a very personal choice too. It's not one you can impose on someone else. You can put it out there, but they are the one who has to step up and take responsibility for themselves.

My advice is always to show people what's possible with your own results. That's how you open someone's mind up. That's what our infomercials do; they give evidence of real transformation. But the person watching at home is always the one who gets the credit for taking action.

John Daly is an amazingly talented guy whose career never materialized with the promise he showed when he came on the scene. I can only imagine how much longer he could drive the ball or how much longer his career would be if he really thought through that the body swinging his driver could be a whole lot more powerful if he treated it with some respect and gave it better fuel than diet coke. It's possible for everyone, whether it's P90X, or any of our other programs. It's possible for John Daly. But he's the one who gets to choose whether he wants to live a healthy lifestyle or not. Likewise, it would be kind if he showed some enthusiasm for the choices of others.

If you have any questions about Team Beachbody, their products, becoming a coach, or fitness and nutrition in general, just give me a holler.

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