Friday, July 24, 2009

Piracy Hurts

I've seen it many times on the web (video services, torrents, ebay, etc), but in Costco... now that's just going too far. Piracy of the Beachbody(r) programs is not only illegal, but is just plain wrong. You may never know what your going to get, and you may even be disappointed in the end.

You may not care about how this affects Beachbody(r) as a company, but how about the thousands of Beachbody(r) Coaches who rely on you as a customer to help make ends meet. Beachbody(r) Coachs are independent business owners who do this not solely for the money (they could care less), but because they care. They are the ones who help you get started, answer questions, and provide support, motivation and accountablity. Now, these coaches are not experts, trainers, or healthcare specialists. They are just average people who care about your health and overall well being. They, themselves, have found positive changes and transformations in what Beachbody(r) has done for them; and by becoming a coach, they proudly share that positive feeling with the people around. So PLEASE, do the right thing. Purchase all Beachbody(r) products from Beachbody(r) directly, or from a Beachbody(r) Coach. By doing so, you are actually thanking them for caring enough about you.

Product Partners Sues Costco Over Counterfeit P90X

Jul 15, 2009

Response This Week

LOS ANGELES – Product Partners LLC, creators of the uber-successful Beachbody line of DRTV fitness products, filed a lawsuit against Costco Wholesale Corp., on Tuesday for copyright infringement on its trademarked materials “P90X,” “P90X & Design,” “Beachbody” and “Beachbody & Design.” P90X is a popular home exercise kit consisting of 13 DVDs and a 90-day workout routine, sold exclusively through and authorized Beachbody Coaches. The Beachbody trademark, as well as P90X & Design and Beachbody & Design, is used in connection with dietary supplements, meal replacements, diet aids and video cassettes for fitness and dietary instruction.

The filing, in the Western Division of the Central District of California court, against the massive wholesale retailer, along with National Clothing Company Inc.
and DOES 1-10, states: “Upon information and belief, at least as early as July 8, 2009, Costco sold counterfeit P90X DVDs,” and “displayed copyrighted promotional video for P90X” in stores in Pennsylvania, Washington and California, without authorization or licensing from the plaintiff.

Costco did not respond to attempts by Response to reach the company for comment.

When the maker of the hit fitness program recently learned of the sale of the products in Costco’s stores, it immediately looked into taking legal action, knowing the product line is sold strictly in direct response channels and could, in no way, be authorized by Product Partners. In fact, counsel for the company warns buyers that any P90X product sold by a retailer, either brick-and-mortar or online, is not a legal copy and may be defective.

“As with every other DR company that creates great products, we vigorously have to protect our intellectual property and the integrity of our products, says Jonathan Gelfand, legal counsel for Product Partners. “It’s too easy to find counterfeit copies out there and it’s deceiving the public.”

Gelfand went on to say that the counterfeiting and the copying of DVDs is a problem that Product Partners is constantly looking out for and addressing. The company gets calls every day from customers who bought what they thought was a genuine P90X for a lower price and then they wind up with a defective DVD, missing a manual, or the disc corrupts a computer. “We will do everything to protect consumers and the integrity of consumers,” Gelfand says.

If you have any questions about Beachbody(r), their products, or what it means to be a coach, just let me know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Ins and Outs of Dining Out

Here is an article I found on the Team Beachbody® website I thought I would share.

One sad thing about learning how to eat healthfully is that dining out takes on a whole new, much darker dimension. What was once a bliss-filled, belt-notch-loosening pleasure becomes an exercise in culinary terror. Servings are Matterhornesque in size. Supertankers of soda abound. Fries come with your order whether you want them or not. Nary a veggie can be seen for miles.

It's a tough slog, but not insurmountable. We're here to help.

There are a few tricks to consider. But before we start, remember that, even with all the care in the world, restaurant dining is still fraught with danger. It's just not something you should do all the time if you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle. There's a reason diner food tastes so good. The powers that be take every opportunity to shove as much sodium and fat into their food as they can because, sadly, that's what most people find yummy. What you make at home is almost always going to be healthier.

But when you are out, here are a few pointers.
  1. Make smart choices. Almost every menu has grilled chicken or fish hidden in it somewhere. That's what you're looking for. Look for words like "grilled," "broiled," or "steamed." Avoid "sautéed" and "fried" like the plague.

  2. Skip the appetizer. "Appetizer,"by definition, means a little food meant to get your appetite going. This may have been chic in ancient Rome, where purge buckets were also quite popular, but obviously, most Americans don't need their appetites increased.

  3. Eat a salad. Greens are also a great option, but remember that all salads are not created equal. A restaurant tuna salad, for example, is probably going to be a mayonnaise nightmare. Watch out for bacon and croutons. Finally, ask for your dressing, which should be vinaigrette, on the side and just put a tablespoon or two on there.

  4. Side dishes in your mouth mean sidecars on your thighs. You don't need fries, a baked potato, or coleslaw. If that's all that's available, just go without. Even if not on the menu, most restaurants will usually bring you a side of fruit or steamed veggies if you ask.

  5. No bread. There's just no nutritional value here. It's all empty carbs. If buttered, it's carbs and artery-clogging saturated fat. If you take anything away from this article, please make it this: Don't eat the bread. You just don't need it.

  6. Eat half. America, for the most part, finds value in volume, so restaurants do their best to cater to that. They feel the more they give you, the happier you'll be. But remember, nobody's got a gun to your head. You don't have to eat all that pasta. In fact, 99.9% of the time, you'll be fine with half. So when you order, ask for a doggy bag and, when your order comes, chop it in half and dump half of it in there. Close the bag. It's gone. Don't even think about eating it now. If you ordered wisely, it'll be a fine lunch for tomorrow.

  7. No soda? No duh! For those of you whimpering out there because, for some weird reason, the idea of water with a meal is abhorrent, go for iced tea. Because tea is caffeinated, and therefore a diuretic, it shouldn't replace regular water, but it is calorie free (provided it's unsweetened) and it doesn't have any weird artificial sweeteners in it, so drink up!

  8. Dessert? You're joking, right? Really, though, if it can't be avoided, maybe suggest that everyone at the table split a desert. That way, everyone gets a taste of something sweet, but nobody pigs out.

By making the right choices, you can continue your healthy lifestyle, even while dining out. Just make sure you know what you’re looking for, skip out on the empty carbs, drink your water, and most of all… NO DESSERT. You are the paying diner. You should always get what you ask for. All you have to do is ask.

If you have any questions, just let me know.””

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Intensity over duration

    A growing body of fitness research is finding that workout intensity has more impact on health and weight loss than does workout duration. Interval workouts that mix fast-paced workout segments with moderate segments are yielding faster and better weight loss versus longer moderate duration workouts.

    The higher-intensity workouts help you expend more total calories per minute while improving your aerobic capacity. The longer, moderately intense workouts, however, will build your exercise endurance, help maintain your cardiovascular fitness, and help your body recover from the higher-intensity workouts.

    Studies have shown that long endurance activities, such as aerobics, can cause muscle catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue), while High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), on the other hand, allows you to metabolize the fat without losing muscle. Take a look at long distance runners -vs- sprinters, for instance. Long distance endurance runners tend to have less muscle mass than sprinters. The short maximal energy bursts of sprinters release testosterone and growth hormones in greater amounts. These hormones are anabolic in nature, which means they build muscle. On the other hand, running for long durations releases cortisol, a catabolic hormone, which breaks the body down and can be potentially bad for the body.

    HIIT has been shown to greatly improve athletic performance while maintaining/gaining muscle. For already well-trained athletes, improvements in performance can become difficult to attain, and increases in training volume can potentially yield no improvements; therefore, research would suggest that improvement in endurance performance can be achieved through high-intensity interval training.

    It has also been recently shown that two weeks of HIIT can substantially improve insulin action in young healthy men; therefore, it may represent a viable method for prevention of type-2 diabetes.

    If you are just starting an exercise routine, you should start by working on increasing duration (time spent in each workout) and frequency (number of workout sessions per week) first, before starting a more rigorous interval training program. And remember; always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Go Insane

    You asked for it… now we have it. Quite possibly the most intense workout ever put on DVD. Beginners, be forewarned. This is NOT for you! However, if you’re in relatively good shape, and you want to push the envelope; or, f you’re looking to go beyond your current physical capabilities, and really see what you can do, then this is for you.

    INSANITY is a 60-day, cardio-based, total-body conditioning program that will push you harder than you have ever gone before. INSANITY is to insane cardio training, as P90X® is to extreme resistance training. This high-intensity cardio program turns interval training on its head. This is not for the weak. You need to push yourself, beyond the comfort zone, to make it through these workouts. I will guarantee that most will have problems just getting through the warm-up. I know I did when I first started.

    Interval training consists of periods of activity, at high intensity, for a short period of time, followed by periods of low to moderate intensity exercise for a period of time.

    INSANITY, on the other hand, uses MAX Interval Training, turning conventional interval training upside down. Instead of working out moderately, with short bursts of intensity, INSANITY demands long periods of high-intensity exercise punctuated with short periods of rest.

    Unlike other extreme programs, such as ChaLEAN Extreme® and P90X®, that focus on building muscle and burning fat through weight training utilizing weights, INSANITY uses only the power and resistance of your own body weight to amp up your cardio, lower your body fat percentage, and sculpt your muscles. You won’t need anything other than water, a towel, and sheer willpower.

    Who’s this for?Why INSANITY?
    Men and women in top physical shapeEven people who regularly run marathons can find their performance improved by INSANITY’S demanding cardio, strength, and resistance exercises.
    Extreme athletesINSANITY’S combination of intense cardio, strength training, and plyometrics will keep them in peak condition year-round, ready for rock climbing, snowboarding, or any rugged adventure.
    Graduates of other Beachbody programsThey’ve already learned to exercise regularly and enjoy the results. Now they’re ready to commit to a tougher program and unleash their inner athlete.
    Cardio lovers like runners, spinners, or cyclistsIf they thrive on the endorphin rush of intense cardio, they’ll be challenged and exhilarated by MAX Interval Training. INSANITY’S mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise will increase both their endurance and their ability to pour on crucial bursts of speed.
    Former high school/college athletesAthletic drills even more intense than the ones they remember from their training days can get them back into youthful, competitive shape—fast.
    Who INSANITY is not forBeginners, pregnant women, obese people, people who aren’t willing to work hard, people who don’t consistently do high-impact exercise.

    Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to see what you are made of? Click here for more information and to get started. What’s even better is you’ll get me as a coach to help keep you pushing all the way.